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The Empathy technique is an easy to use system for understanding what makes people ‘tick’ and dealing with them more effectively. Psychologist research suggests that about 90% of our emotional behaviour comes from just 7 inner drives or ‘desires’.

We are all a blend of these personality desires but typically two or three are dominant in us and drive most of our reactions and decisions.

Empathy is a powerful tool. It will help you better understand your own personality and to quickly recognise dominant desires in others.

This will enable you to:

• Increase sales by reading and understanding your prospects much more effectively

• Improve profitability by building stronger relationships with your customers

• Achieve greater overall results by better managing and motivating your people

By being able to read people and predicting how they will react, we can modify our behaviour for greater business advantage. Empathy can help improve the lives of individuals and change the fortunes of the organisations they work for!

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