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EMPATHY TRAINING offers a unique approach to delivering customer service excellence within Call Centres - our highly effective 5-InStep Process which overlays and works in conjunction with your existing call process.

We move the focus away from dealing with the purpose of the call, to dealing with the personality of the caller- so Call Centre staff can deal with them as they wish to be dealt with.

In practice, it's the difference between delivering ordinary customer service and something extraordinary.

Over the past decade, we've been successfully helping a wide range of corporate clients to create customer service excellence. This unique 5-InStep Process has been specifically developed to enable Call Centres to deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

Empathy 5-InStep Process - 5 crucial steps to customer service excellence:

Simply put, we train Call Centre staff to:

Self-Awareness - understand their own personality style so they can understand the personalities of others.

Avoid annoying the customer from the outset. Remain polite yet neutral when they take the call.

Know who they're talking to. We teach staff to discern tonality and speech pace, identifying the caller's personality in the first few seconds of the call.

Then engage with the customer in the way they'd like to be dealt with. Formal, informal, chatty or quiet- know your customer type.

Use our tailored Continuous Improvement Tool for Management so they can analyse, coach and help to improve on each successive call.

Following the application of the Empathy 5-InStep process, it has led to unprecedented levels of positive feedback about the service, coupled with significant increases in Call Centre self-confidence and motivation, in turn leading to a significant reduction in 'sickness'.

Click here to find out how we implement our unique process.


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