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Our 5-InStep Process - how It works

Our overall programme involves us finding out about your organisation and how it works. We then tailor and deliver the programme to uniquely suit your organisation.

We start by meeting team members, listening to live calls and generally finding out about your current approach. This enables us to...

We then tailor our programme to your organisation and work with your own approach so we can then...

Our two-day 5-InStep Process teaches Call Centre staff about the seven Empathy personality styles, their own style and how to identify a caller's personality. It also teaches strategies for dealing with them in the way they want to be dealt with.

Once these key stages have been implemented, we provide a:

One-day Champions Workshop, aimed at coaching management on how to uphold, support and encourage the use of Empathy, on an ongoing basis.


Coaching Review, providing reinforcement and support with a one-day coaching session between eight and twelve weeks after the initial training.

Understand personalities - and you can deliver truly personal service.


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